BH's BMW 335 (his second set from us!) X-Drive

BH writes to us:

I just wanted to thank you for my new tips.  I have had them installed for a few months and they still look great.  I currently have a 2009 e92 335i xdrive with 4' silver tips and my last car was a 2008 e92 335xi which I had installed 4' black DiMisa tips.  Both sets of tips looked great but I opted for the silver to add to the visible pop.  Here are some pics.  Thanks again.


Hawaii's Hottest X5 M has DiMisaTips!

From the XBimmer forums, we are please to share M3 Guy's super hot X5M with our tips.  Here's his post below. We love when folks share their experience and we also love when car guys like M3Guy from Hawaii get creative and find ways to fit our product on other models in the BMW line-up.  It's been rumored our tips also fit the brand new 4-series cars too (shhhhhhh....)

Over the weekend I had my exhaust tips replaced on the stock system to give it a more aggressive look. I plan on getting an exhaust next year sometime but wanted the look for now. I began researching what was available on the forum here and was able to find two companies that offered a tip solution though none of them mentioned anything about a X5M. 

The goal was to get some 90mm tips. I also had to measure the outlet pipes on the oem muffler, which comes out to 2.5 inches. So with 2.5 outlet and 90mm tips as my goal I began looking. This where came into play. It seems that a lot of the 335i e90 guys get these tips and almost all of the feedback I've read was positive. Plus the e90 335i's have an oem exhaust outlet of 2.5, so fitment would be perfect. I also liked the fact they are made here in the USA and made to order. So I went ahead and took a risk and bought two pairs off of their site. I purchased the silver v3.5's. They also offer a 102mm (4 inches), but I wasn't too sure if they would fit or not. These tips have an inlet of 2.25, which is perfect as they can be flared open just enough to slip over the oem outlet for a nice weld. They came in Friday and I had them installed Saturday.


Marty from VA's 328i Sportwagon V 3.0

Here's some customer car pics from our buddy Marty from Virginia. Marty writes; "I wanted to share some pictures of my 2007 328i Sportwagon, I think they look amazing and they're really good quality."  We love when our satisfied customers send us pictures of their DiMisaTips and we love to share them on our blog. What a clean, sporty look to such a classy car! For ordering information on this product, or any of our custom products, please visit our website at or email us at ! 


V 3.5 Powdercoated Black for BMW 335, Customer Car!

Here's a customer car from Florida that we just got images from.  These V 3.5 DiMisaTips in our trademark black powdercoat look terrific.  "The service I received from the team at was amazing. They gave me updates as my order was being built and also provided automated tracking information from FedEx once the package shipped to me!"


DiMisa V 3.5 for 330i BMW, Hotness!

Here's our customer Reuben S.'s car from California. We are so pleased with the aggressive look these gorgeous 3.5" stainless steel tips look on the BMW 330i car.  You can order at to get your very own.  Our V 3.5 were fit to his custom Magnaflow exhaust set up with little adaptations! Happy motoring from the guys at!


Custom Jobs: BMW F10 (5 series) M6 Exhaust Project

At times, when our build schedule permits, we graciously take on a custom project for our BMW supporters.  This one was custom M6 exhaust configuration with our V 3.5 DiMisa Tips product.  Here's our customer's feedback on the experience.  Thanks for the opportunity to be involved; please read below, which was in the customer's own words;

Hey guys, I have been receiving a lot of PM's about my exhaust setup. I originally had a custom Magnaflow setup with 3.5" DimisaTips which I sold, because I couldnt eliminate 100% of the droning. The drone was from the MagnaFlow, not the product. Since selling that setup I was contemplating on which mufflers to go with. I was going for all looks so if I was able to use my OEM 535 mufflers and just slap on tips I would have done that. But as many of us 535 owners know, there is not enough space to add tips on our OEM mufflers without the tips sticking out like crazy.

A few months went by and I just couldnt take staring at my 3D Rear Diffuser with the OEM mufflers. So I sourced some M6 mufflers and contacted JP@ Dimisa Tips again to see if he wanted to work with me again on this new project. I got in touch with Mikes Mufflers in El Monte, for those that dont know, he doesn great work for a great price. I drove over to Mikes Mufflers and we was able to make me a custom axle back with flanges so that I can remove/install my mufflers at home.

I've had this setup for a few months now, but was waiting to complete my car before I post pics. But since there seems to be a lot of interest I decided to make this post. I am 100% satisfied with the gamble I took installing the M6 mufflers. I have no drone and just enough vroom to bring a smile to my face. For those that are in So Cal, feel free to hit me up if you want to hear it in person.

For those that are trying to source exhaust tips, hit up JP @ Dimisa Tips. For those that are not familiar with these tips, browse the E9x forums and you'll see how popular these tipsare. JP is a great guy to work with and I am glad I had the chance to work with the team at


Chicago: My kinda 335 town!

Here's a recent customer car hailing from The Windy City.  Have a look at Zach's 335, with our aggressive V 3.5 powdercoat black DiMisaTips from BMW 335.  Oh, and the best part...Zach's wife drives a 335 too and she has DiMisaTips on her car as well!  Here's what Zach had to say;

Thought I'd send you guys some pics of my installed tips to add to your reportoire. 

They look great. I definitely went with a more aggressive fitment and let them hang out of the bumper a little farther. 

Thanks again for sharing them with us, Zach!  Order now at


DiMisaTips for F10 5 series!

Yep, we can do 'em!

 Have a look at Kruzn's gorgeous F10 from the West Coast.  Here's what he had to say about our product and our service;

"I was fortunate enough to get in touch with the staff @ about slapping on some Silver - V3.5 tips on my F10. However, like many of us F10 owners, I wanted to go with quads. I always knew about the quality of the from my E9x days. These tips are still "HOT" amongst the E9x family. I picked up 4 x 3.5" for my custom setup. 

Upon receiving the tips, I was amazed at the build and quality of the tips. Freaking awesome!! Originally I was going to just go with some tips that my muffler shop offered me. But I am glad I went with these tips and not one of the others made overseas. I won't name names in fairness to all the board sponsors out there.  BUT, I slapped the DiMisa Tips on my Magnaflow custom quads and they looked sweeeeeetttt!! To top it off the price was not crazy like all the other F10 parts out there." 


Why we continue to please our loyal customers worldwide...

Since early 2007, we have worked hard to expand our brand, and most of all, keep our customers 110% satisfied with their purchases.  We thank all of the fellow BMW enthusiasts all over the globe.  Enjoy this video our shop foreman, Dave put together for us. Custom made exhaust tips for BMW 335 - V 3.5 and V 4.0 from on Vimeo.


San Francisco Loves DiMisa Tips V 4.0

Here's a customer car from the West coast, San Fran to be exact.  An amazingly clean, yet sporty appearance to this BMW 335i sedan.  We are proud to work with the BMW community and have been doing so for over 5 years!  Visit our site at to order your set today.  Great prices for forum members too!


Fort Lauderdale FL 335 Loves V 3.5

Here's the latest from our customer and friend, Elias J. Mantooth.  Mantooth has taken his 335 to the next level with some pretty agro modifications, all of which shine in the 335 community both locally and afar. The team is proud to have a spot on this amazing 335.  Mantooth opted for our custom 3.5" inch stainless steel finish tips.  For ordering information, visit us at or call at 561-420-0718.

Saturday Loves Project Cars!

We've been in the custom exhaust tip business since 2007. Every year, we get involved in several, carefully selected build projects that feature our product(s).  If you think your vehicle has what it takes to be selected, contact us at or call our offices at 561-420-0718 to learn more!


Japan & V 3.5 Black

Wow, look how amazing this carbon fiber diffuser looks coupled with out custom V 3.5 black powder coated finish tips for BMW 335.  Order now by clicking on "BUY" at


Our customers love us, we love them!

Have a look at this amazing curation by Joel from Boston, MA.  Read along as he documents the various modifications he makes to his 2011 Space Grey 335i x-drive sedan.  We are proud to be mentioned in this post.  Here's what Joel had to say about the product and our hard working staff:

The tips were of excellent quality, priced competitively, and their team provided excellent customer service support. Love the design of their tips because of the angled edge or sloping design.  Installation was a breeze, and they slipped right on. Perfect fitment for BMW's!