Chicago: My kinda 335 town!

Here's a recent customer car hailing from The Windy City.  Have a look at Zach's 335, with our aggressive V 3.5 powdercoat black DiMisaTips from BMW 335.  Oh, and the best part...Zach's wife drives a 335 too and she has DiMisaTips on her car as well!  Here's what Zach had to say;

Thought I'd send you guys some pics of my installed tips to add to your reportoire. 

They look great. I definitely went with a more aggressive fitment and let them hang out of the bumper a little farther. 

Thanks again for sharing them with us, Zach!  Order now at

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All about 4wheels said...

Those are some nice exhaust tips you have there. The tips are the visible part of the exhaust system and should be beautiful. You can change the look of your car by just changing the exhaust tips.