New Video of DiMisaTips v 3.5 on Stock Muffler System!

Yes, this is a totally stock OEM BMW 335 muffler/exhaust with DiMisaTips v 3.5 custom tips with the "unplug" or "golf tee" FREE modification that takes about 5 minutes and no skill level whatsoever.

When you click "play" on the video below, you'll notice a higher pitched, almost F1-esque note erupts from the stock 335's totally stock engine.

Wait 'til the driver sets his foot on the gas pedal and slowly pushes the gas pedal down. What you'll hear is improved sound, slowly whining all the way up to aroud 7000 RPM.

Because of the unique design of DiMisaTips, our tips enable this very pleasing sound from a totally stock muffler system. Our double walled, highest quality stainless steel, super breathable, and angled edge makes this possible. No one else can match!

Many folks have heard this very attractive exhaust note that arrives, and they start to say, "Why buy a +$1400 system when I can get DiMisaTips?" Once they install them on their cars, the results are nothing but satisfaction.

Email us at for information on how to buy the one and only, DiMisaTips!

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