Video: v 4.0 "What will they sound like?" From a stock BMW 335 with DiMisaTips. Yup, totally stock!

What will your BMW 335 Twin Turbo sound like with DiMisaTips?  

Just click above to hear the smooth note that erupts from your 300+ hp German tuned machine!  

This sound is only replicated with DiMisaTips.  This audio clip is not in the typical "echo chamber" parking garage you see all over YouTube, but simply from a garage bay.  

Email us at to find out exactly how to make your 335 sound like ours. 

The video above was snapped from our  totally stock OEM 2008 BMW 335 exhaust with DiMisaTips.

Email us to place your order at or to have any questions answered about this, or any other post here in our blog. 

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